CORE Drive - Gravel Stabilisation Contractor in Buckinghamshire

Gravel is one of the most aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, multi-purpose surfaces around, but without assistance it has a tendency to move around and end up where it shouldn’t.

CORE Drive provides a naturally porous stabilising base for the gravel to sit, ensuring it stays put! It’s inexpensive, simple to install and super effective making it the ideal solution!

CORE Drive Gravel Stabiliser

Installing CORE Drive will assure a maintenance-free, durable gravel paving surface for all types of high traffic areas be that; vehicles or pedestrians.

CORE Drive Gravel Stabiliser’s interlocking panels provide an easy installation and consist of hexagon cells to form a strong honeycomb design that holds the gravel in place. Once the gravel is laid onto the system you have an eco-friendly gravel surface costing substantially less than alternative paving options such as: blocker pavers or concrete.

The underside of the CORE Drive system resilient geotextile, permitting water to drain easily, preventing growth of weeds.

Benefits if CORE Drive

  • Stabilises Gravel: CORE Drive’s honeycomb design ensures gravel stays put resulting in a hassle free paving solutions with no ruts or sinking.
  • Cost Effective: Preventing gravel from moving will result in you using less and alleviating the need to frequently replenish.
  • Super strong: Enhanced load bearing causes no rutting, separating or sliding with vehicle traffic.
  • Environmentally Friendly: As a porous paving solution CORE Drive returns water back to the environment by enabling it to drain over the entire surface. In addition, the system is made up of UV, heat resistant recyclable virgin Polypropylene.
  • Alleviates Weeds: The geotextile under layer avoids weed growth
  • Attractive: When gravel fills the system, CORE Drive becomes almost unnoticeable, showcasing only the gravel surface.
  • ADA compliant: Ideal for pedestrians, bicycles, & wheelchair traffic.
  • CORE Marker: Easy to add parking lines and edge indicators
  • SUDS compliant. As CORE Drive is porous it is ideal for solutions requiring a Sustainable Drainage System.

CORE Drive FAQ's

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